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Norco Corona Personal Trainer - Joe PalmieriFrom Joe Palmieri,
Rhino Fitness Corona Gym
Norco Corona Personal Trainer
(951) 496-9511

Hey everyone, my name is Joe Palmieri, but everyone calls me The Rhino. I’m about to tell you some things about weight loss that may shake your world up a little bit.

But first, let me tell you a little about me and why you should even listen to me.

GymI spent the better part of my late teen years and on into my early twenties taking excellent care of myself. I worked out constantly, ate right and lived a healthy lifestyle. I was in such good shape that I actually competed in several bodybuilding competitions and did fairly well. I was good friends with the gym’s owner and members were so impressed with me that he would send them to me for fitness advice. I would outline a workout for them and show them the best way to eat. There was no such thing as a personal trainer back then in the late 70’s, but that was exactly what I was doing long before I became a Corona personal trainer. And I loved it.

Well, as I got older, I found out that no matter how hard I worked out at the gym, and no matter how strict my diet was, I began to pack on the fat. So much so, that at 6 months before my 50th birthday, my doctor told me I was a “walking heart attack.” My weight had gotten out of control, my cholesterol was through the roof, my blood pressure was sky high and my blood sugar was ridiculous. He wanted to put me on drugs. ME! The guy who so many of my friends had referred to as “Mr. Goodbody!” The guy who literally embraced the whole fitness lifestyle. A “walking heart attack?” No way! I had to do something.

So, I went to work. I applied all of my knowledge of nutrition and exercise and all of my years of experience and formulated a plan that would bring me back from the edge of death. What I came up with was no less than a life-changing plan. I implemented the plan and on my 50th birthday, (less than six months later) I visited my doctor once again and was pronounced healthy and fit. I was 22 pounds leaner and all of my vitals were within the norms. Even my doctor couldn’t believe it. No drugs were prescribed and I walked out of his office quite a bit happier than six months before.

I tell you all of this, because I want you to know that I fully understand what it is like to not have your clothes fit the way they used to. I completely understand how it feels to have your doctor tell you that you had better do something about your health. I 100% sympathize with you when you look in the mirror and wonder where the slim, fit body of your youth went.

ScaleAnd that’s why I want to help you. I want you to be filled with the joy of buying new clothes several sizes smaller. I want you to feel just how good it feels to climb the stairs and not run out of breath. I want you to experience the renewed sparkle in your lover’s eye, when they admire your new body. I want you to finally be happy when you look in the mirror or see photos of yourself. And together, we can do this.

Let me take all that I have learned over the years working with so many people, all of the knowledge that I have gained in the process of receiving my certifications, and everything that I have taught myself when I had to make a decision as to whether I was going to live a quality life or wait to die, and put it to work for you. The system that I have created as a Corona personal trainer is so different from so many of the other routines out there, that you may think I am crazy. For instance, I won’t make you diet, plain and simple. There is no reason to starve yourself and/or eat weird food, just to try to lose some fat. I won’t make you do hours of cardio. It’s boring, a lot of work, and it does little to get you into shape. I won’t make you take pills, powders or other concoctions that are supposedly designed to “melt away the fat.” They just don’t Healthywork. AND, I absolutely WILL NOT, ever make you do tons and tons of crunches, sit-ups or other abdominal exercises including using crazy abdominal devices. You need to understand that thousands of crunches do nothing to expose your six-pack abs, if you have a layer of fat over them.

Now, I’m not talking about looking like a Barbie doll, or even the celebrities you see on TV and in the movies. That’s unrealistic and dangerous. What I am talking about is being healthy and fit. I’m talking about having your clothes fit properly and feeling good about yourself.

ScaleSo, now what? You now know what won’t work. You now know that most of what you see out there regarding weight loss is baloney. Now, you need to make a decision. You need to decide whether you are finally going to do something or do nothing. If you do nothing, in another month you may be heavier and more out of shape and even further from your goal. If you do something, in another month you could be leaner, fitter and sexier. It’s up to you.

Sandra Jacqueline

Check out my clients' results!

Flavio lost 85 pounds

Flavio Before & After

These are actual client photos!

Jacquelyn got a six-pack!

Jennifer Before & After

These are actual client photos!

"I was able to gain 15 pounds of muscle... body fat reduced by 7 percent"

I’ve been working with Joe and Rhino Fitness Corona Gym for a year and a half and with his help, I was able to gain 15 pounds of muscle and see my body fat reduced by 7 percent. He is very enjoyable to work with, and incredibly motivating. My life has changed since I started working with him and my confidence has gone through the roof! I continue to improve every day and with Joe’s help, I know I will be able to reach all my goals. Thanks Joe!

- Nick P.

Helen lost 25 pounds

Helen Before & After

These are actual client photos!

Stacey lost 23 pounds

Stacey Before & After

These are actual client photos!

Jerry lost 69 pounds

Jerry Before & After

These are actual client photos!

"I never felt or looked better in my adult life."

I was fortunate to work with Joe over the course of a year.  During that time, I had never felt or looked better in my adult life.  Joe is very knowledgeable in his field, and extremely passionate about giving his best to his clients. From personal experience, I know that he tailors his methods and his strategy for each individual he works with.

- Charlene Z.

Dana lost 32 pounds

Dana Before & After

These are actual client photos!

Terry lost 12 pounds

Terry Before & After

These are actual client photos!

"I love feeling this good!"

I can honestly say that Rhino Fitness has changed my life! I was going thru some major crap & feeling like crap... I am now a daily workout junkie! Words can not express how thankful I am to u guys! I love feeling this good!

- Evelyn R.

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Healthy Girl... You Have Nothing To Lose, Except Some Unwanted Pounds Of Body FAT!

Signed by Joe Palmieri
Joe Palmieri
Norco Corona Personal Trainer
Rhino Fitness Corona Gym
Norco, California
(951) 496-9511

P.S. - I have to be fair and tell you that we only have so many spots and when they fill up, they’re gone. So get on the phone right now and take advantage of my offer before it’s too late.

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