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Personal Training


When most people think of personal training, this is what they are thinking of. One-on-one personal attention and guidance every rep, every set. We emphasize proper form and injury prevention. Plus we get you thinking...you will learn what the movements accomplish and how. You will be training smart, not just going through the movements.


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Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

More than personal training, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching is what brings your exercise life together with your personal life. Don't just start a new workout program, re-program your lifestyle!

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  Nutrition and Supplementation

Let The RhinoŽ show you how you should be eating and what supplements may work best for you. Nutrition plans for whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, achieve optimum conditioning, etc. Contact The RhinoŽ so he can evaluate your eating habits and requirements and create a custom plan just for you!

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  Gym and Facility Design

Our staff of experienced designers can design the ultimate home gym or large training facility. We provide CAD drawings ready to be printed or incorporated into your building sets.

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